Bath Refinishing


You don't have to replace. Just restore!

Bathtub Refinishing​
Great service, great warranty!

You will have your bathtub looking like new in a matter of hours.

Not only do we offer the best alternative to any bathroom surface replacement, we provide a quality service with a great warranty.  

  • Claw foot tubs
  • Porcelain Bathtubs
  • Cast Iron Tubs
  • Fiberglass tubs
  • Cultured marble tubs

Our goal is to provide the best service to every residential and commercial customer. 

We will do our best to provide the best product and service in our beautiful city.

Save up to 80% over the cost of replacement. 

We provide bathtub refinishing or resurfacing, tile refinishing, sink restoration, vanity refinishing, and other bathroom or kitchen surfaces restoration and repairs. 

Our San Antonio TX refinishing professionals work with different surfaces using the best process to refinish and repair your vanity, bathtub, tile, sinks and more.​​​


Vanities, sinks, and counter tops.

  • Crack repairs on sinks
  • Crack repairs on marble vanities
  • Cultured Marble refinishing
  • Porcelain kitchen and Bathroom sink
  • Cast iron pedestal sinks
We have solid colors and stone (specs colors)
Check our selection of colors from our eco-friendly coating products.

Showers and Tile

Change the old color of your bathroom into a modern and lighter color!​ 
  • Bathtub tile walls
  • Shower walls
  • Tile floor
  • Tile walls ​​​
Check our selection of colors 
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Tile Grout 

We are specialists in giving new life to your old and unpleasant tile and grout. Our goal is to save time and money to homeowners by not having to replace their tile or grout, but instead restore them to a new looking condition.

Minimizing maintenance and most important giving new look to you old kitchen floor, bathroom floors, tile shower, tile kitchen counter tops and  tile walls surroundings. We can clean your tile and grout, re-grout or change the old grout, restore tile and grout, restain grout or change your grout color as well as tile re-coloring or tile re-glazing.

We can remove mineral deposits, hard water stains, remove and clean mildew, clean soap film or soap scum, apply sealer, tile replacements, tile repairs. 

We work on porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stone, marble, sanded grout and much more.
You know, there are so many companies that do not specialize in tile and grout cleaning in Atlanta and surrounding areas and they may offer the service but cannot deliver on the spectacular cleaning that our company offers. Check our web site WWW.TGANDTS.COM.
It is truly one of the messiest jobs around. Of course, that depends on how often you have your tile and grout cleaning done. If you call Tile Grout And Tub specialist (TGANDTS) every quarter then the job is not nearly as bad as if you wait 5 years. Especially on the tile around your fireplace that gets buildup from dark soot and smoke. Actually you would actually probably realize just how much better it would make you feel too. 

Cultured Marble

Is your bathtub or vanity made of cultured marble? 

Refinishing is a process that can make dated colors or marble look, swirls, cracks and scratches all disappear. With our  cultured marble refinishing or resurfacing process will save you up to 80% over the cost of removal and replacement, and typically takes just one day.

Our bonding agent assures you that the new surface will stick for many years to come. Many of our competitors will not offer cultured marble refinishing, nor offer a guarantee, because their acid etching process will dissolve the surface of cultured marble. Our company  can guarantee your refinished cultured marble finish because of our proprietary bonding agent, 

Our process works equally well on cultured marble vanities and sinks allowing you to complete a bathroom makeover by refinishing your bathtub, surround, vanity, and sink.

Commercial Refinishing 

Visit our Commercial page for a complete information about our services in 
hotels, hospitals, assisted living centers, universities, colleges, property mangement companies, realtors, office buldings, and other commercial facilities. 


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